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Serial Servo Controller for eight RC servos

PiKoder/SSC: eight channel serial servo controller
PiKoder/SSC - 6 €
Controller programmed with latest firmware release

Minimum order quantity for international orders: EU 25 €, all other countries 40 €

The PiKoder/SSC Serial Servo Controller controls up to eight servos through a serial interface. Alternatively the outputs can be switched to binary. You can connect e.g. your Arduino or Raspberry Pi without any additional hardware to the SSC. A USB-converter allows you to control the servos from your computer.


The PiKoder/SSC supports two protocols:

  • MiniSSC protocol representing a very common protocol for controlling SSCs
  • a two-way ASCII-Protocol for customizing and controlling the SSC with standard terminal programs

You can operate the PiKoder/SSC with 3.3 Volts. This eliminates the need for a dedicated 5 V power supply in embedded systems when other modules such as Bluetooth transmitters are used which require 3.3 V.

The PCC (PiKoder Control Center) with its graphical user interfaces provides for testing and customization of the PiKoder/SSC.


PiKoder/SSC User's Guide (.pdf file)

The User's Guide provides detailed information regarding the features and the application of the PiKoder/SSC including connecting to a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino.

PiKoder/SSC Daisy Chaining (.pdf file, EN)

This application note outlines how you can control up to 255 servos by daisy chaining PiKoder/SSC.

Python Script "PiKoderTest"

This script demonstrates how to set the channel values using the Ascii Command Interface. The hardware setup is described in the PiKoder/SSC User's Guide.


Screen Print PCC
PiKoder Control Center (PCC)

PiKoder/SSC Evaluation Board Kit
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