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PiKoder/SPE (Serial-PPM-Encoder)

PiKoder/SPE: UART2PPM Interface for eight channels
PiKoder/SPE (UART2PPM) - 12 €
Controller programmed with latest firmware release

Minimum order quantity for international orders: EU 25 €, all other countries 40 €

The PiKoder/SPE (Serial PPM Encoder) is a true "Single-Chip" PPM encoder controlled by UART (UART2PPM-conversion): to change a channel value you would sent simple ASCII-coded and human readable commends through the UART thus allowing to use a standard terminal program. Additionally, the PiKoder/SPE supports the MiniSSC-protocoll.

As a next generation PiKoder the PiKoder/SPE features also a USB port for selecting settings such as number of PPM channels, start-up value per channel, PPM polarity, Baudrate, timeout for failsafe and respective channel values, which would be saved in the PiKoder's non-volatile memory. The programming is supported by the latest PCCng (PiKoder Control Center).

PiKoder/SPE User Manual (.pdf file)

The PiKoder/SPE User Manual describes the programming of the PiKoder/SPE in detail.

Python Script "PiKoderTest"

This script demonstrates how to set the channel values using the Ascii Command Interface. The hardware setup is described in the User Manual.


PiKoder/SPE Evaluation Board kit

PiKoder Control Center

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