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PiKoder/PPM WLAN R/C receiver with PPM output

PiKoder/PPM wRX: PiKoder/PPM WLAN R/C receiver with PPM Output
PiKoder/PPM wRX Kit - 22 €
Kit for PiKoder/PPM wRX WLAN receiver including all components.

Minimum order quantity for international orders: EU 25 €, all other countries 40 €

The PiKoder/PPM wRX is a WLAN receiver with PPM output which has been designed to replace the traditional R/C receiver in an UGV or UAV and thus to enable your Android Smart Device to interact with the model's flight controller replacing the traditional R/C transmitter.

In concert with the udpRC-App you can easily control your model with your Android device and the udpRC4UGV-App interfaces with your Rover's ArduPilot Mega through your smart phone or tablet.

Based on typical WLAN modules featuring about 20 dBm a range of several hundert meter can be reached. Technically the receiver would offer an access point for your device to connect to.

The PiKoder/PPM wRX features a wide range of power supply (4,8 - 16 V) thus allowing you to simply replace your model's current receiver.

Please note that the customization of your receiver may require a USB connector. Please refer to the construction manual for more information.




PiKoder/PPM wRX Construction Manual (.pdf File, EN)

This construction manual describes the construction and the commissioning of the PiKoder/PPM wRX in detail.

PiKoder/PPM User's Guide (.pdf file, EN)

The User's Guide provides detailed information regarding the features and the application of the PiKoder/PPM used as a controller in the receiver.




Control your Ardupilot Mega Rover with your Android Smartphone

This blog demonstrates how you can control your rover's autopilot with the PiKoder/PPM wRX replacing the traditional RC receiver.


Android App for WLAN Rover control

udpRC Android App for R/C

PiKoder/SSC wRX box

USB connector
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